On his show Tuesday night, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart slammed the opponents of the Voting Rights Act.

Section 5 of the civil rights-era measure requires laws affecting voters in jurisdictions with a history of voting discrimination to be approved by the Justice Department or a federal court. A county in Alabama has challenged the Voting Rights Act, arguing it is no longer needed.

"Shelby County, Alabama is basically saying that since America elected a black man, therefore ipso facto wingardium leviosa we are free now of racism," Stewart explained.

He noted that a number of states had recently tried to "cook up voting shenanigans" but were blocked because of the Voting Rights Act.

"Yeah, but that was last year," Stewart remarked. "That was like six Taylor Swift break-up songs ago. The point isn't that the Voting Rights Act is still stopping discrimination before it happens, it's why can't we go back to the old model of discriminating first and stopping it later."

Watch video, aired on Comedy Central on Tuesday, below: