On Friday night's edition of "Real Time with Bill Maher," discussed labeling of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), tainted food and Europe's horse meat scandal, warning that if the world doesn't figure out more sustainable ways to feed itself, people will be forced to eat "horrible, maggoty things" or worse, Papa John's.

During his weekly "New Rules" segment, Maher marveled that Californians had rejected a ballot initiative requiring food manufacturers to label products containing GMOs.

"GMO?" he quipped. "More like TMI."

Fifty other countries require GMO labeling, he said, including most of Europe, Japan, Australia, India and more, including China.

"That's right, China," said Maher. "A country that puts melamine, a chemical fire retardant in baby formula."

"Maybe it's a good thing," he said, "that Americans don't care what they put in their mouth, because in the future, thanks to overpopulation and global warming and overfishing and Chris Christie, we're running out of the food we do like to eat."

The reason that there is such a problem with fish being mislabeled is that no one has the heart to tell Americans that "85 percent" of the fish they want no longer exist.

"You know where fishermen can no longer find cod?" asked Maher. "Off of Cape Cod. That's like going to Hooters and finding out that all the waitresses are flat-chested."

So, Americans, he said, enjoy your chemically processed crap food now, "because it won't be long before lunch is dung beetles and Soylent Green, and when all that runs out, I'm afraid it's Papa Johns."

Watch the video, embedded below via YouTube: