The details behind "Zumba Madam" Alexis Wright's prostitution service will not be heard in court after the dance instructor pleaded guilty on Friday to 20 out of 106 counts against her.

WCSH-TV reported that the deal struck by Wright's attorney and prosecutors will have her serve a 10-month jail sentence and pay the state $57,000 for both falsely collecting welfare assistance and not reporting the income from her side venture on her taxes.

"I think the unfortunate thing about this case and the attention that it's received and the length of time that it's gone on is that it will never be over for her," her attorney, Sarah Churchill, told the station.

According to the Associated Press, Wright's business partner, Mark Strong Sr., was also convicted of 13 counts connected to promoting prostitution. He will serve a 10-day jail sentence.

Prosecutors said Strong, a married father of two who lives 100 miles away from Wright, watched Wright's activities with her clients on his office computer. Jurors in his trial watched a video of her pocketing $250 from a client after engaging in sexual activity with her.

Watch WCSH's report on Wright's guilty plea, aired March 29, 2013, below.

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