A woman from Texas was discovered alive in the New Mexican mountains this weekend after wandering off and getting lost in search of a treasure chest allegedly stashed somewhere in the American wilds by millionaire art and antiques dealer and author Forrest Fenn.

Carrollton, Texas resident Chanon Thompson, 33, was found Saturday, having wandered through New Mexico's Santa Fe National Forest for three days, at times enduring below-freezing temperatures, according to ABC News.

Her hike-gone-awry was inspired by Forrest Fenn's 2010 book "The Thrill of the Chase," which contains a poem that also serves as a cryptic treasure map of sorts, purported to lead readers to where he hid a box full of gems and gold worth millions.

He announced the treasure hunt after being diagnosed with cancer, as his way of leaving a legacy of encouraging people to explore the outdoors more. His website cautions that the chest is not hidden in any dangerous place, and that explorers should take adequate precautions.

"Remember, it weighs 42 pounds and an old man carried it to its secret location," treasure-seekers are told. "Keep your children close in the mountains and search at your own risk."

Thompson is reportedly recovering in Texas. She was unharmed in the ordeal.


Photo: Shutterstock.com.