A 34-year-old St. Louis man is facing criminal charges after he allegedly attempted to use a prosthetic penis to pass a drug test. According to FoxNews.com, Sydney Levin was arrested and charged with "possession of a forging instrument."

Levin, who was convicted in 2009 of theft and sales a controlled substance, was submitting a urine sample as part of his probation requirements. A corrections officer caught him attempting to use the Whizzinator Touch, a device designed to fool drug tests by creating body-temperature synthetic urine that will test negative for drugs.

Police arrested Levin and released him when he posted $25,000 bond.

In 2010, Gerald Willis of Los Angeles was sentenced to six months in federal prison for running the company that sold the Whizzinator. Willis' company no longer exists, but the device is available online. According to the company's website, the Whizzinator retails at about $140 and comes in the colors white, tan, "Latino," brown and black.

[image via Shutterstock.com]