EMS officers in New York are posted pictures of injured and dead people online, according to the New York Post.

One such officer, 34-year-old Lt. Timothy Dluhos, posted the picture of a woman in a wheelchair -- along with the with caption "Wide Load" -- on social media websites. The act is likely a violation of federal law.

Earlier this week, the New York Post reported that Dluhos frequently expressed racist and sexist vitriol on Twitter. He even used a picture of Hitler for his profile photo.

When confronted about his online activity, he broke down crying, saying his life was ruined. The 12-year veteran was later suspended.

The Post contended that Dluhos' behavior was not an isolated incident. The newspaper also uncovered other EMS and EMT officers who published pictures of those they were supposed to be helping. The pictures were often accompanied by mocking comments or collected as "trophy" shots.

The New York Police Department recently announced strict new guidelines regarding the use of social media websites. The new rules came after some officers' racist comments were discovered on Facebook.

The New York Fire Department is now reviewing its social media policies, according to the Post.

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[Paramedic via Shutterstock]