President Barack Obama is expected to announce on Tuesday that he's selected a woman to lead the Secret Service, the first in the agency's history, according to administration officials who spoke to The Washington Post.

Obama will appoint Julia Pierson, 53, to lead the agency that provides protection to U.S. presidents and leading presidential candidates. She's been with the agency for over 30 years, the Post noted, serving as an agent, then moving up to assistant director and chief of staff.

The Post added that Pierson's appointment is intended to "bring a culture change" to the Secret Service, which found over a dozen agents embroiled in a prostitution scandal during Obama's visit to Colombia in 2012.

One of the sex workers at the center of that controversy later told the media that Obama's advance security team seemed more concerned with partying than ensuring the president's safety. “These seem like completely stupid, idiotic people,” Dania Londono Suarez told NBC News. “I don’t know how Obama had them in his security force.”

The scandal marred the tenure of former Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan to such an extent that he was forced to resign. He told the Post that Pierson's appointment is both "historic" and "exciting," saying he's sure she is an excellent choice.