Having mastered foreign policy, a run for Vice President, the creation of a dependable TLC  programming and a shortened term as governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin will soon be shifting her energies toward a higher cause -- saving Christmas.

The confoundedly resilient public figure is set to release a book in November entitled, “A Happy Holiday IS a Merry Christmas,” according to the Associated Press. And yes, that all-cap IS is intentional.

Based on Palin’s statement through her publisher, HarperCollins, the Christmas-themed book will apparently layout the case for protecting America’s second favorite holiday (after The Bachelor finale) from heathen influences.

"Amidst the fragility of this politically correct era, it is imperative that we stand up for our beliefs before the element of faith in a glorious and traditional holiday like Christmas is marginalized and ignored," reads the statement.

Apart from denouncing the "over-commercialism" and "homogenization" of Christmas, HarperCollins, said Palin will also advocate "reserving Jesus Christ in Christmas -- whether in public displays, school concerts (or) pageants. Among these academic digressions Palin will also relay personal Christmas memories. One can only presume that some sections will include detailed instructions on how to properly kill and skin reindeer.

No word yet on whether Palin will (accurately) denounce the worshiping of Christmas trees as heathen ritual for pagans, or the commercialization of Norse mythology with the current image Santa Claus.

[Imagine via Flickr]