Rep. Peter King's (R-NY) feud with his own party continued on Friday, as he urged his constituents not to support the presidential ambitions of Republican lawmakers like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) after they voted against an aid package to help New York rebuild after Hurricane Sandy.

"I think New York has to send a signal that we are not going to allow national politicians to vote against New York, and really vote against New York in an arbitrary way, and then come to New York and ask New York to finance a campaign for president," King told ABC News on Friday following reports that Rubio, a rising star in GOP circles, was meeting with several Republican-affiliated financiers.

In an email to supporters on Thursday, King pointed out that while Rubio's home state, Florida, "has gotten billions and billions of dollars in hurricane aid" after being hit by storms in the past, Rubio voted against a relief package for victims of Sandy, which slammed the Eastern seaboard in October 2012.

A spokesperson for Rubio refused to comment on King's allegations, instead releasing a Dec. 29 statement from Florida senator explaining his decision.

"We do have a responsibility to make sure this emergency spending is ultimately going to disaster relief, and not to other pet projects," Rubio said in the statement. "Unfortunately, the Hurricane Sandy supplemental bill goes far beyond emergency relief to impacted victims and communities, which is why I voted no on final passage."

A $17 billion relief package was passed on Jan. 15, in spite of GOP opposition. On Jan. 18, King told CNN the party was making him and other representatives from the region feel "like third-world beggars" asking for help.

[Image via Rep. Peter King official Flickr account]