A Seattle man who shouted racial slurs and threatened to behead a woman ended up getting whacked in the face with a cane, according a police report.

The incident, reported by KOMO News, occurred last Thursday shortly after midnight. When officers arrived at the scene, they witnessed the suspect "yelling and screaming racial slurs at several people standing outside.

Bystanders told police the suspect had approached strangers on the street and called them the "n-word."

He allegedly yelled in the face of one woman and threatened to "cut off her head and stick it down her throat," according to the police report.

The woman, who left the area before police arrived, responded by hitting the suspect in the face with her cane.

The suspect told police he accosted the woman because she did not pay him for hair clippers he was selling to her. He was taken to the hospital for stitches to his lip.

"I advised [the suspect] that some people get offended when you use certain words. He stated he did not care and he was proud to be a 'white cracker,'" the police report concluded.

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[Holding a walking cane via Shutterstock]