A protest march in Brooklyn, New York, on Monday night turned into a confrontation between police and demonstrators amid reports of bottles being thrown at officers out of anger over the shooting death of a 16-year-old boy at the hands of New York Police detectives.

According to Global Grind, police said about 70 people took part in the march to the 67th Precinct station demanding police accountability for the death of Kimani Gray on March 9.

Video posted on YouTube early Tuesday morning showed demonstrators throwing metal barricades onto the street as police arrived on the scene. One woman, who said she knew Gray, said all protesters wanted was justice.

"Stop killing our babies. They are our babies," she said into a megaphone. "Stop killing our kids. Stop coming to our neighborhood and killing us off. We're paying you guys to protect the children, not to kill the children. We are sick and we are tired of this. It's our tax money, not yours. We pay you to protect us. Enough is enough. We need justice now."

The video also showed protesters chanting, "NYPD, KKK, how many kids did you kill today?"

Police said the detectives shot and killed Gray on Saturday after he waved a gun at them, but witnesses have disputed that account.

New York City Council member Jumaane Williams said on Twitter late Monday night that the demonstration had turned "into a riot."

"The youth in this community have no outlets for their anger, no community center," he wrote.

The New York Daily News reported on Tuesday that employees at a local business barricaded themselves inside after being rushed by protesters, and needed firefighters to cut the gates to allow them to leave. A customer at a nearby drug store was also allegedly attacked with a glass bottle by a protester with a glass bottle.

A Facebook page has been posted promoting another demonstration on Tuesday night.

Watch video of the protest, posted on YouTube by Javier Soriano on Tuesday, below.

[h/t Rania Khalek]