Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) says that news that he blocked a resolution to commemorate Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week is a plot by Democrats to "malign" him.

As Politico noted on Tuesday, the Senate passes hundreds of ceremonial resolutions each year to commemorate things like the 10-year anniversary of the loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia, Vietnam Veterans Day and Black History Month.

Because the resolutions are only ceremonial, they are usually passed with a voice vote so that the Senate can move on to more important business.

Last week, however, Cruz made the unusual move of refusing to let a Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week resolution pass.

Spokesperson Sean Rushton explained that the Texas Republican "will not grant consent to call up and pass a resolution or bill at the last minute without time for review."

But after news of his opposition was reported, the senator's office said it was proof that Democrats were out to get him.

"Senator Cruz does not oppose the substance of the MS resolution, and he never did," Rushton insisted. "Unfortunately, the sponsors of this resolution circulated their request for unanimous consent less than 48 hours before they wanted it passed. A member of Sen. Cruz's staff--who herself suffers from MS--asked for time to review the language, and to perhaps suggest revisions to the language, as is typical."

"It appears that Senate Democratic staff, instead of working to ensure unanimous consent, instead decided to leak this story to try to malign Senator Cruz."