To celebrate Sesame Street's YouTube channel reaching the 1 billion view mark, the show's resident numbers maven, "Count Von Count," took center stage in a musical thank-you note to fans released Wednesday.

"Forget bitten fingers, I'll count all the views," he gushes. "How many watched us? I'll tell you the news. 'Cause I'm counting the 'You's' in YouTube."

A special playlist on the channel highlights some of the more popular clips it has featured, including "Elmo's Song," which has been watched more than 87 million times since premiering four years ago.

Along the way, though, the Count notes the diversity among fans of the channel's videos, which could be a nod toward the reach of pop-culture-based efforts like Cookie Monster's Carly Rae Jepsen homage "Share It Maybe" and "Birdwalk Empire," a more family-friendly take on HBO's Boardwalk Empire.

Watch The Count celebrate the show reaching 1 billion views on YouTube, as posted on Wednesday by Sesame Street, below.