Fans of the Academy Award-winning animated short Paperman got a sequel, of sorts, in a spoof released by on Wednesday.

In the original "Paperman," George and Meg reunite at a train station, having just been drawn together by fate — and a friendly batch of spirited office paper. "Paperman Threesome" picks up where the original 6-minute Disney film left off and goes straight for sexual adventure.

The paper guides the budding couple are guided though a romantic evening, then leads toward the bedroom, which is where things get awkward, as the paper wants to join them there, too.

"I thought we were all gonna, you know," said the paper, now assembled into humanoid form, before Meg quickly objects.

"I think there was a miscommunication," she answered.

"Really? Because you were so into it at the train station," the paper replied indignantly.

"I figured this was some kind of whimsical magic thing between me and ... um, oh, shit," George said, figuring out that the couple never actually talked during the original.

"Oh my god, I just realized how crazy this all is," Meg agreed. "I don't even know you."

In an effort to break the tension, the paper produced some ecstasy, to "see where the night takes us." George quickly backed off, citing his job's drug testing, but was aghast when Meg took the paper up on the offer.

"How could you keep that from me?" he demanded.

"This is literally the first time you've ever spoken," she retorted.

George compounded the situation by rebuffing the paper's advances, saying he wasn't into "paper dudes."

"Whoa, whoa, someone's a little homophobic," an insulted paper said, before painting breasts on itself to try to win him over.

Watch the awkwardness unfold in "Paperman Threesome," released by CollegeHumor on Wednesday, below.