Police in Draper, Utah, arrested a local couple for allegedly inserting razor blade fragments into donuts and eating them in an effort to win an injury settlement from a local food store.

According to The Deseret News, 35-year-old Michael Condor and 39-year-old Carol Lee Leazer-Hardman were charged with filing a false police report and aggravated assault after letting a co-worker bite into another donut with a blade inside.

Sgt. Chad Carpenter said Monday that Condor admitted "that this was just a scheme thought up by them. They wanted to get a settlement of some sort."

The newspaper reported that, according to a probable cause statement by police, the couple came up with the idea out of concerns over individual debt.

Condor and Leazer-Hardman allegedly reported finding the blades inside donuts they bought at the store, but that "things weren't adding up" during their subsequent interview with detectives.

The probable cause statement said the couple each had "several razor blades" in their stomach, but police do not know if they suffered any injuries.

Carpenter also said the couple's co-worker felt the blade in the donut the couple gave her, but did not digest it.

["Woman holding a donut with a bite against a pink background" via Shutterstock]