In a complaint filed in California Central District Court on Wednesday, two African-American passengers are suing US Airways after an employee told them it was airline policy not to wear jeans and hooded sweatshirts in first class.

According to the complaint obtained by AlterNet, an employee told MacCraig Warren and Miles Warren that "everyone in first class is required to wear slacks, button up shirts and no baseball caps" and asked them to "change from jeans into slacks, a button-up shirt and told plaintiffs to remove their baseball caps."

The Warrens expressed concern to a white first-class passenger, Michael Heffernan, that they might be late for the flight due to changing to comply with the dress code, but then saw Hefferman and a friend also wearing jeans and a hooded sweatshirt while sitting in first class.

Spokesperson for US Airways Andrew Christie told AlterNet they'd received the complaint but had no further comment.

[African American man in hooded sweatshirt via Shutterstock]