Law enforcement officials are searching for two men potentially connected to the killing of a top Colorado prisons official, warning that they are both armed and dangerous members of a white supremacist gang.

Police are trying to locate James Lohr, 47, and Thomas, Guolee, 31, according to The Associated Press. Both men are said to be members of the 211 Crew, a white supremacist prison gang in Colorado.

Evan Ebel, a 28-year-old member of that gang, is suspected in the killing of Department of Corrections chief Tom Clements, but he is brain dead following a shootout with police in Texas. Officials said that the gun he used is the same weapon that killed Clements. A woman who allegedly bought the gun for him was also arrested.

The announcement of additional people of interest is the first hint by police that the gang may be more broadly involved in Clements' murder, but officials reportedly said that Lohr and Guolee are not suspects at this time.

There is still no indication that Clements' slaying is in any way connected to the slayings of two prosecutors in Kaufman County, Texas, which is not far from where Ebel ultimately gunned it out with police.

Authorities there are also said to be following up on a potential connection to the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, which threatened to kill as many law enforcement officials as possible to retaliate against a massive set of 34 indictments brought against gang members by a task force that Kaufman County prosecutors were part of.

Since then, at least one of the prosecutors on that case has dropped out, citing security concerns. A significant portion of the prosecution's case rests on the testimony of former gang member Terry Sillers, who the gang has vowed to kill. Sillers has been in police custody since 2011.