A Canadian scientist is looking to pick students willing to pick their noses -- for research purposes, that is.

Nature World News reported on Thursday that biochemist Scott Napper's goal is to determine whether eating one's own mucus can provide health benefits.

Specifically, Napper wants to test the theory that eating consuming boogers helps train the body's immune system to withstand the germs carried within. He told CTV that he came about the idea out while trying to keep his students at the University of Saskatchewan interested in what's typically a messy subject.

"I got their attention by saying that's why snot tastes so sweet," he said. "And a lot of them were nodding along like they agreed, but not really realizing what they had acknowledged."

Napper said he hasn't secured funding yet, but his experiment would involve inserting a certain type of molecule into subjects' noses, and having half of them pick out and eat the boogers to gauge the effects.

"I think the challenge would be getting volunteers to participate in this experiment," he said. "Especially if you didn't know which group you were going to fall into."

Watch Newsy Science's report on Napper's search for subjects, posted online on Friday, below.