Update (below): Eisenberg arrested

Leeland Eisenberg, who in 2007 engaged police in a 5-hour standoff as he held hostages in a Hillary Clinton campaign office, went missing from a halfway house on Sunday, a reporter for New Hampshire's WMUR-TV tweeted.

The conditions of Eisenberg's escape were not clear, but he was due to be released in August following two probation violations. He was arrested in 2010 after failing to charge his GPS tracking bracelet and fleeing from police supervision. He was arrested again for failure to submit to mandatory alcohol testing.

The 52 year old was expected to be released from the halfway house in August, thanks to a judge who gave him a third chance to meet the conditions of his probationary period. Prosecutors warned that a third chance for Eisenberg may not be a good idea, and cautioned that he could be a danger to the public.

Eisenberg came to national attention when he strapped road flares to himself and walked into a Clinton campaign office in New Hampshire claiming he had a bomb. The standoff ended without injuries.

WMUR-TV noted that authorities do not believe Eisenberg is armed. Members of the public are being encouraged to report any possible sightings to law enforcement.

Update: Eisenberg arrested

Leeland Eisenberg was arrested in Manchester, New Hampshire just before 8:30 a.m., according to The Union Leader. He was found sitting in the lobby of a building after police received a report of his whereabouts. Eisenberg gave himself up without incident.


Photo: AFP.