Marist College's men's crew team got a bit of a shock this week, when a giant head floated past during their practice. Their coach, Matt Lavin, told the Poughkeepsie Journal that spotting it on the west side of the river during an early practice was like seeing "something out of a post-apocalyptic movie."

So far, no one has stepped forward to claim the head, which is almost seven feet tall, made of fiberglass and foam and looks like Greco-Roman statuary. Marist College spokesman Greg Cannon told Newsday, "I'd think if someone knew it was missing, they'd go looking for it ... I'm dumbfounded."

It took ten people to pull the head from the river.

School officials and the team believe it must be a stage prop, and are hoping the publicity might identify its original owner. The crew team has other ideas: its "resident art major," Tyler Sawyer, told the AP, "I'm absolutely 100 percent down to try and fix up the nose, push some spray foam in there and try to fix her up." The administration says they're open to holding on to it if no one comes forward to claim it.

Watch video of the event, courtesy of the Associated Press, below:

[Image via Marist College Crew on Facebook]