Even though the Bush library won't be open to the public until May 1, late night talk show host Conan O'Brien somehow managed to score an early tour, and even managed to spot the facility's spot-on replica of the Bush oval office.

In a sketch aired Monday night, Conan remarked that "it looks like they did a great job."

News footage he queued up featured CNN's John King describing the elaborate re-imagining of the Bush administration's legacy, including "The Decision Points Theatre," where visitors try their hand at making the tough decisions Bush was faced with. If they make the wrong decisions, like not going to war in Iraq, The Washington Post notes that Bush emerges on a computer screen to tell them how wrong they are.

"And, Wolf, there is an exact replica of the Oval Office from the George W. Bush White House," King added.

That's when Conan's addition becomes clear.

"The sofas, the carpet, the desk," King adds. "I covered the Bush White House for six years and it's exactly the same here as it was back at the White House."

This video is from TBS's "Conan," aired Monday, April 29, 2013.