The group Ultraviolet has urged its supporters to contact Eden Foods and express their grievances with the organic food company's view on birth control.

"Because Eden Foods's CEO is ideologically opposed to birth control, the company thinks they have the right to dictate to all their employees what health care they will have access to," the group wrote in an email to its members. "That doesn't just affect their employees. It's a dangerous precedent that they are asking the court to set for all workers going forward. But progressive-minded people make up a huge portion of Eden's customers -- people who are likely to think that a boss shouldn't be dictating their employees’ private health care decisions."

Ultraviolet has set up a petition on its website that urges Eden Foods to stop its "ideological attacks on birth control."

The company filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration over the so-called contraception mandate in March. Eden Foods CEO Michael Potter, a Catholic, alleged that providing his employees with health insurance plans that covered contraceptives violated his religious freedom.

Earlier this month, Potter addressed criticism of his lawsuit and refused to back down.

"Eden Foods' health care provider is required by the HHS to comply with all details of the Affordable Care Act. Parts of the mandate violate the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and the Administrative Procedure Act. This overreach of the federal government infringes on religious freedoms," he explained in a statement.

Ultraviolet -- a relatively new group -- recently convinced Reebok to drop American rapper Rick Ross over lyrics about drugging a woman.

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