Authorities in Florida believe two missing boys are being held on a sailboat by their "anti-government" father and mother.

WTVJ-TV reported on Friday that 4-year-old Cole Hakken and his 2-year-old brother Chase are believed to have been taken from their maternal grandmother's home on April 3 by their father, 35-year-old Joshua Hakken. Hakken allegedly broke into the home and tied her down with zip-ties.

Police said Joshua Hakken subsequently sailed out of the area on a 25-foot, 1972 Morgan sailboat with the two children and his wife, 34-year-old Sharyn Hakken. They are thought to be headed toward the Gulf of Mexico.

According to NBC News, The boys' grandmother was awarded custody over them following Joshua Hakken's arrest in June 2012 for drug possession and allegedly selling narcotics in front of them at an "anti-government rally."

Officials with the Slidell Police Department said in a release on April 4 that the couple acted "in a bizarre manner" during that arrest, telling them they were "completing their ultimate journey" and planned to "take a journey to the Armageddon."

WPTV-TV reported that a search of Joshua Hakken's home turned up items ranging from an Ethernet card and a list of contacts to an ad for a local funeral parlor.

Watch WTVJ's report, aired on Friday, below.

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