Police in Toronto are on the hunt for four women who are suspects in the sexual assault of a 19-year-old man, The National Post reported Monday.

The man reportedly met the four women at a nightclub on Sunday, March 31, and was offered a ride home by them. Police said they left the club in a silver Honda SUV, but they did not make it back to the victim's home.

Instead, the SUV driver -- said to be a blond haired woman with a British accent -- took the group to an empty parking lot where the women allegedly assaulted the 19 year old. All four women were described as white and in their 30s, wearing black dresses and high heels. Police are still searching for leads.

The National Post noted that while just 8 percent of Canada's sexual assault reports are filed by men claiming they were attacked by females, male victims are just as likely as women to report a sexual assault.


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