Joselyn Wohl, 33, daughter of Brooklyn real estate mogul Larry Wohl, allegedly stabbed her life coach, 31-year-old Sajjadur Rahman, in the hand with a fork. According to the New York Post, the socialite was aiming for Rahman's face. These charges come just four months after Joselyn Wohl was charged with beating up and strangling her sobriety coach and shoving her down a flight of concrete stairs.

According to a lawsuit about to be filed in Bronx Supreme Court by Rahman's attorney, Eric Richman, the new charges stem from a September incident that took place at Larry Wohl's $4 million Southampton residence during a family dinner that included Rahman.

“Without just cause or provocation, Joselyn Wohl intentionally struck, battered and assaulted" Rhaman, said the draft legal papers. The woman lunged at him with a metal fork, part of which is still reportedly lodged in Rahman's hand.

“It was a defensive move. If he hadn’t gotten his hand up, she would have stabbed him in the face,” said Richman.

Larry Wohl reportedly told Rahman that he would pay any medical costs provided the employee did not report the attack. Rahman has yet to see any recompense.

“Sajjadur lost his job because he didn’t want to go back there after that to ensure his safety,” Richman added.

In December, Joselyn Wohl was charged with assaulting her sobriety coach, Heather McKean. McKean was hired by the Wohl family to help manage Joselyn's addiction to drugs and alcohol.

According to McKean's attorney, Bryan Swerling, the attack was so violent that McKean now requires spinal fusion surgery, which is scheduled to take place in April.

Referring to the attack on Rahmad, Swerling said, "I think the second incident speaks to a pattern of behavior" and that Joselyn's parents are ultimately to blame for "not protecting others who are there to help her.”

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