A 39-year-old homeless man was arrested on Friday night for allegedly setting another man on fire inside his car.

Witnesses told KABC-TV that the victim, a 63-year-old man, was approached by the unidentified suspect while he was parked outside a convenience store in Long Beach, California. The victim refused to give the suspect money, they said, and then the homeless man allegedly soaked the victim with a flammable liquid before starting the blaze.

Los Angeles Police did not identify either man, nor did they release a motive. But a police spokesperson did say the two men did not know each other before the incident.

According to LAist, The victim was hospitalized with third-degree burns and was listed in critical condition. Police arrested the suspect on suspicion of arson and attempted murder.

Watch KABC's report on the ugly incident, aired Friday, below.

[Image via KABC-TV]