The Daily Show host Jon Stewart on Tuesday night ripped into Republican across the country amid a game show he dubbed, "Sodomy, zygotes, and welfare."

Stewart began by noting that Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli had fought to revive the state's anti-sodomy laws. The laws, rendered obsolete by the Supreme Court, prohibited anyone from engaging in anal or oral sex.

"When blowjobs are outlawed, only outlaws will get blowjobs," Stewart said, imitating the language of gun rights advocates. "The only way to stop a bad guy with a blowjob," he remarked before cutting himself off.

His attention was then turned to Kansas, Arkansas, and North Dakota. The three states have adopted increasingly draconian prohibitions on abortion. Stewart joked that Kentucky was now proposing that life begins at the moment when a man and woman's hands accidentally touch while reaching for Denny's potachos.

"So in essence, the states are saying you gotta have the baby-making sex, and you gotta have the resulting baby. Any states laws that might cover what to do with them afterwards?"

In Tennessee, a state lawmaker has proposed cuttings parents' welfare if their children fail to perform well in school.

"Little Billy is poor and he is not doing very well in school. I have an idea, what if we make him poorer and told his family it was his fault," Stewart mockingly explained.

Watch video, via Comedy Central, below:

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