The Daily Show host Jon Stewart mocked North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un on Tuesday night, portraying his recent provocations as infantile and completely unintimidating.

After learning North Korea apparently planned to blow up Austin, Stewart joked that Kim appeared to hoping to get the rest of Texas on its side.

"I know you are itching to fight us, Kim," Stewart said. "But for a young guy your war mongering is a little retro, you know with the goose stepping and the hill conquering and the -- really? -- cardboard cut out targets, and, oh, there's the commander on the bridge and he's got -- what's that!? Binoculars? Magnified vision in both eyes?"

Evoking the language of dating, Stewart remarked that the United States was "flattered" that Kim Jong-Un wanted a committed long-term adversary, but noted the U.S. had just gotten out of another long-term war in the Middle East.

"If it's going to be any kind of war it is going to be a rebound war and I don't think you want that," he continued. "Just straight up destruction. You know what I mean? Just to remind us the equipment still works."

Watch video, via Mediaite, below: