On his show Wednesday night, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart blasted Senate Republicans for joining with North Korea, Iran and Syria to oppose the United Nation's arms treaty.

The treaty seeks to prevent countries from selling military weapons -- including tanks, aircraft, artillery, missiles, warships, and small arms -- to terrorist groups, criminal organizations, and tyrannical regimes. Stewart described the treaty as the "Bond villain prevention treaty."

Republicans in Senate, however, plan to prevent the United States from ratifying the international arms treaty.

"If we don't preserve our right to sell guns to terrorists, what are they going to fight us with?" Stewart wondered. "Ideas? Come on! Actually, the reason we cannot support a treaty to stop the terrorists and drug lord arms trade? Freedom."

Some Republicans believe the treaty is a secret plot to implement gun control in the United States. But Stewart noted the treaty explicitly prohibited the United Nations from applying the treaty within the United States or any other country. It deals exclusively with international weapons sales.

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