On The Daily Show Thursday night, host Jon Stewart and correspondent Larry Wilmore mocked Sen. Rand Paul's (R-KY) recent speech to black students at Howard University.

Stewart observed that Paul portrayed himself as courageous and heroic for appearing before the highly prestigious students, which was not a particularly dangerous situation.

Stewart also noted that during his speech, Paul condescendingly explained that Republicans had at one point been strong supporters of civil rights for African Americans. But Paul completely ignored the political realignment that occurred in the mid-20th century and the so-called "Southern strategy" used by Republicans.

"You can't just yada yada yada the last 60 Republican years," he remarked. "'A Republican freed the slaves, gave black people the vote, yada yada yada and now all blacks vote Democratic. I mean, what the hell.'"

Employing a relationship metaphor, Wilmore complained that the Republican Party had disappeared for 50 years but now wanted to hook-up with black voters.

"How can we trust that you've changed if you're pretending it was always all good?" he asked, noting a Republican official in Kansas recently used the term "nigger rigging."

"Black people aren't coming back until the Republicans admit we aren't just dealing with 'accidental racism,'" Wilmore remarked. "Believe me, if the past 50 years had been some of that Brad Paisley, LL Cool J bygones-be-bygones shit, we'd have gone with the tax breaks."

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