On his show Thursday night, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart lampooned Fox News personalities who defend ex-Rutger's coach Mike Rice.

Rice was fired for physically and verbally abusing basketball players. Video obtained by ESPN showed the former coach hurling basketballs at his players' heads, kicking them, and shouting homophobic slurs.

Fox News host Eric Bolling said Wednesday the firing of Rice was an example of the "wussification of America." Later that day, Fox News host Sean Hannity remarked that his father hit him with a belt, but he "turned out OK."

"'Anyway, coming up next, I shout at people I disagree with for an hour,'" Stewart mockingly remarked. "Seriously? You're OK? Have you seen your show? Cus it seems like the show of a guy who was hit with a belt as a child."

Stewart then turned his attention to another one of his favorite targets: CNN. He mocked the news network's lack of editorial direction and their over-the-top use of technical gadgets.

Watch video, courtesy of Comedy Central, below:

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