A Library of Congress film preservationist was indicted in Charlottesville on Wednesday posting fake Craigslist ads promising sex or pornography directing men to the home of his ex-girlfriend, whom he had previously harassed and stalked.

Kenneth Edward Kuban, 61, was arrested in March for violating a restraining order obtained by the complainant, identified only as L.M. in legal documents, in July 2011. L.M. said Kuban posted ads promising sex or pornographic videos that directed men to her house. She said there were sometimes as many as four men arriving at her house a week, and sometimes as many as six in a single day.

“Some of the men refused to leave L.M.'s property until she called law enforcement to remove them," the complaint reads.

L.M. said Kuban began stalking and harassing her after their six-month relationship ended. The Daily Progress reported, "L.M. told federal authorities she had to change her phone number and have it unlisted after receiving five to six unwanted calls per day from Kuban over the span of the several months after the protective order was issued. A new court order issued in Fauquier in December stated Kuban had to avoid direct and indirect contact with L.M., 'no exceptions.'"

The Library of Congress launched an investigation after L.M. reported the incidents in January, finding three different anonymous Craigslist accounts responded to the ads. Each of the accounts were found in the browsing history of Kuban's work computer, the Library of Congress reported in an affidavit.

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