A 76-year-old Massachusetts man is facing criminal charges after shooting and killing a bear in his backyard on Friday night.

Richard Ahlstrand told a reporter for CBS News affiliate WBZ-TV that he was outside refilling his bird feeders when the bear suddenly charged at him.

Thankfully, Ahlstrand said he'd seen the creature in his yard a night prior and thought to arm himself before walking outside again. Sure enough, there was the bear, all seven feet and 400 hulking pounds of it, rushing toward him and growling viciously.

"I didn’t have time to aim through the sights, but I aimed in the direction of the head on this thing and I pulled the trigger before it got to me," Ahlstrand said. "It just dropped."

His charges include illegal possession of a firearm, illegally killing a bear and illegally baiting a bear, WBZ-TV noted.

This video is from WBZ-TV, aired Sunday, April 7, 2013.


Photo: Shutterstock.com.