Businesses in the Boston area can now hire men wearing kilts to wash their windows, but the company takes its "no peeking" rule seriously.

Earlier this week, WHDH spoke to Men in Kilts employee Chris Murphy while his company was washing the windows at a local business.

"Yesterday was actually really nice really sunny warm so kept the kilt down, no breezes," Murphy explained.

Although the men have to climb ladders to do their job, a message on their uniform reminds customers of the "no peeking" policy.

"We did a photo shoot last week in Boston," franchise owner Judy Briggs told WHDH. "My son was up on the second floor and the women were walking down the street and instead of going around the ladder, they'd go under the ladder. And he just politely said, ‘no peeking.’"

And what do men wear under their kilts?

"You're going to have to hire us to find out," Murphy smiled.

Watch this video from WHDH, broadcast April 2, 2013.

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