David Agema, one of the two Republican National Committeemen from Michigan, on Monday continued to voice his opposition to same sex marriage and the LGBT lifestyle.

Last week, Agema posted an article on his Facebook page that stated LGBT individuals were trying "to get the public to affirm their filthy lifestyle." The post sparked nationwide outrage, but Agema has refused calls to resign from his position.

Agema doubled down on Monday, insisting that homosexuality was associated with both illness and crime.

"No one can dispute the fact there are many hazards to this," he said on WPIQ's Morning Breakfast Show. "What I don't want if this passes, I don't want my grand kids taught in school that this is an alternate lifestyle, you should accept it."

"I'd rather have them taught, 'Hey, look, here is what happens in this lifestyle, here is what is going to happen to you physically, here is what is going to happen to you emotionally.' Instead, we are going to teach just the opposite. And I'd like to have it shown what is this going to cost society and our healthcare costs and our mental health costs? That's what I'm looking at. It is not about hate."

Agema added that he was fighting for the principles of Republicans and resisting efforts to liberalize the party. He said he first became involved with the issue while working for American Airlines, because "obviously" many flight attendants were homosexuals. Agema alleged his critics were simply trying to silence him.

"Let's just not encourage this kind of activity in our society, because we'll ruin this society if it goes this way," he remarked.

Listen to audio, uploaded to YouTube by Progress Michigan, below: