A a peppermint schnapps-drinking woman named Pepper was charged on Tuesday with misdemeanor third-degree assault after she allegedly subjected a cab driver to a "nipple twisting" attack in Colorado last week.

According to the Longmont Time Call, Boulder police arrested 23-year-old Pepper Varga last week after responding to a call about a disturbance. A police report said that officers found the cab driver near his vehicle. Varga, who was standing by a tree, took a drink of peppermint schnapps before speaking with officers.

The driver told officers that he had given Varga a ride home, but he later found out that she did not have money to pay. She then punched him in the abdomen as he was accompanying her to her apartment. The driver said that Varga continued the assault by hitting him with a can of iced tea as he tried to return to his vehicle.

"Police report the cab driver said she followed him to the car, forced the door open, got on top of him, grabbed and twisted his nipple, and bit his shoulder," the Time Call added. "He reported she got out and punched the window and kicked the door before mounting the cab and standing on the roof, according to police reports."

The cab driver said that his injuries were not serious, but the "nipple twisting" was painful.

In addition to third-degree assault, Varga faces charges of first-degree criminal trespassing, obstruction of a peace officer, resisting arrest, and criminal mischief.

She is scheduled to return to Boulder County Court on April 19.

[Photo: Boulder Police Department]