The main suspect in the murders of two Texas prosecutors sent an anonymous email threatening an attack and had more than 20 weapons stashed in a storage unit rented on his behalf, sources told Dallas ABC News WFAA-TV.

The email was supposedly sent on March 31, just one day after two brutal, brazen murders shocked rural Texas and the nation.

Police initially said they had "strong evidence" linking the former Justice of the Peace Eric Williams, 46, to the killings of former Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McClelland and prosecutor Mike Hasse. The specifics of that evidence was not immediately available.

Police have also seized a Ford Crown Victoria that Williams is said to have purchased under a fake name. Sources told WFAA that the same vehicle is seen on surveillance footage entering and exiting McClelland's neighborhood the same night he and his wife were murdered in their home.

McClelland and Hasse were both involved in prosecuting Williams after he stole several computer monitors from the courthouse, which was captured on video. Williams lost his job and his law license.

Williams has consistently denied all wrongdoing and allowed himself to be subjected to ballistics testing. A police search at his home, his in-law's home and a nearby storage unit reportedly netted a cache of weapons police said are similar to those used to kill McClelland and Hasse. Ballistics tests on those are still underway.

This video is from WFAA-TV, aired Sunday, April 14, 2013.