Police in Fairfax County, Virginia, released security camera footage of the "serial groper" believed to be responsible for 24 attacks on local women.

WJLA-TV reported on Monday that the footage was captured on March 28 at the same grocery store where a 31-year-old woman reported being groped that afternoon.

Authorities described the suspect as a Latino male around 30 years old, wearing a black jacket and hat and light-colored pants. The description is consistent with past reports.

According to the Washington Times, the attacks date back to September 2012, with the victims typically going about regular tasks alone before being attacked.

"The suspect comes up from behind a woman, grabs them, touches them, and then flees," said police spokesperson Lucy Caldwell.

Most of the attacks have been reported in a neighborhood in Springfield, Virginia. In response, Caldwell said, residents have held several community meetings and offered a self-defense course for local women.

"From what I understand from my daughter, there's people chasing after him," said one resident, Gabrielle Cross. "But they couldn't catch him. He disappears."

Watch WJLA's report on the suspected "serial groper," aired Monday, below.