Singer and songwriter Willie Nelson made a surprise appearance on Monday night's episode of "Conan" for a quick spoof of "The Hobbit," featuring Nelson as "Stoned Gandalf" in a hilarious audition tape for the film's upcoming sequel.

"Hey, Peter Jackson!" the 80-year-old music legand began. "My name's Willie Nelson, and I want to audition for the role of Gonduf an' the wizard in that upcoming movie you've got, 'The Hobbit.'"

The reel features Nelson wearing a pointy hat, holding a cane and smoking a spliff while dropping lines like: "You shall not pass... an unlit joint, man"; "You know, that giant flaming eye is just freaking me the fu*k out"; and, "The smoke is white! We have a new wizard!"

Apart from getting arrested in 2011 at a notorious west Texas narcotics checkpoint, Nelson's last high-profile appearance in front of cameras came last year on April 20th, when he played "Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die" for a crowd gathered to witness the unveiling of his statue in downtown Austin in front of the ACL Live Studio.

This video is from TBS's "Conan," aired Monday, April 29, 2013.