Authorities have arrested two people in connection with the beating death of the grandson of late US civil rights activist Malcolm X in Mexico City, an official said Monday.

Malcolm Shabazz, 29, was found laying on the ground in front of a bar on Thursday and died later in a hospital emergency room.

"Two people were detained," an official from the Mexico City prosecutor's office told AFP without providing more details, saying more information would be given at a press conference later Monday.

Mexican media reported that two male employees from The Palace club, ages 24 and 26, were detained and face theft and homicide charges.

Shabazz was apparentlty beaten during an argument over a steep bill at the club, located near the city's Plaza Garibaldi, famous for its Mariachi bands and seedy dive bars.

Police are also looking for three other suspects in the case, Reforma newspaper said.

Shabazz had traveled to Mexico to meet with Miguel Suarez, a leader of the Rumec labor movement, and local media said the two had been at the bar together when the fatal beating took place.

Shabazz had a troubled youth, spending time in a juvenile detention center for starting the fire that led to the death of his grandmother Betty Shabazz, the widow of Malcolm X, in 1997. The civil rights leader was assassinated in 1965.