In this video from the Associated Press, stars of the new J. J. Abrams film, "Star Trek Into Darkness" discuss the film and the experience of making it at its gala premiere in London.

Fans of the British TV series "Sherlock" will be excited to see this interview with Benedict Cumberbatch, wherein he discusses playing the Enterprise crew's longtime nemesis, Khan, and how at times he had to isolate himself from the noise and fun of the rest of the set in order to bring the appropriate gravitas to his role as an arch villain.

"It was fun," said Cumberbatch, "really, really great fun. There were days when I had to be a little earnest and shut off from what was an amazingly fun set to be on, just trying to focus on bringing my game and doing something different to what the others were doing, because they were they and I was I."

"I really relished it, though," he concluded. "I enjoyed it."

Watch the video, embedded via YouTube and the Associated Press, below: