Saturday marks an unofficial holiday for many sci-fi fans, and the staff at the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel commemorated "Star Wars Day" with their own fanfilm, much to the chagrin of its founder, actress Felicia Day, who missed out on the creative process.

"I don't even know what to say," sighed Day, perhaps best known for creating and starring in the popular online comedy The Guild. "Oh, yeah, I know what to say: I'm not going to be traveling again. Anymore."

In the comedic homage to George Lucas' creation, Day's team explains that, since they lack the budget to recreate the two trilogies to the letter, they went with puppets, lens flares, and Nick Applebaum as an underdressed Darth Vader.

"Can you put a shirt on, please?" a member of the crew asks Applebaum before one take.

"Not feeling it," he replies.

The occasion, which evolved from the phrase "May the Fourth be with you," has its own Dark Side, and as this public service announcement posted on the official Star Wars YouTube channel shows, who would know better than the Galactic Empire itself?

If you've ever wondered what beings in a galaxy far, far away had to choose from when seized by late-night buying binges, actress and gamer Milynn Sarley brings us a look at infomercials for everything from the "Droid Affair" love line to the "Home Carbonite Kit," which does everything from take care of your laundry fatigue to deal with noisy nuisances.

"Is your neighbor's domesticated canine keeping you up at night?" she asks. "Well, dip it in carbonite!"