Thursday night on "The Colbert Report," host Stephen Colbert warned that certain summer blockbuster movies could be harboring secret anti-American themes. The new "Superman" film stars an Englishman and parts of "Iron Man 3" were edited for a special Chinese-only edition.

Colbert began the segment by confessing his love of movie trailers.

"You get all the best parts without getting bogged down by plot and character development," he said. "But the movies themselves, they are destroying America."

The host said that he has always been a fan of Superman, "an incredibly handsome, glasses-wearing reporter who, night after night, uses his super-powers to save America." He then carefully moved a piece of hair from his brow-line down to his forehead in the distinctive Superman "spit-curl."

The new Superman film coming out this summer, however, "Man of Steel," has Colbert boiling.

"Superman is the quintessential American hero," he said, "but they gave the part to some Limey named Henry Cavill."

"Nice try, Clark 'Earl of' Kent," Colbert sneered. "Do you Brits even need capes? You can just fly around with your magic umbrellas."

The other summer film that's giving Colbert pause is "Iron Man 3." Colbert said that while he loved the first two "Iron Man" films, the newest installment in the series received partial funding from the Chinese studio DMG. As thanks, the filmmakers made a special Chinese edition of the film, which includes bonus footage and a guest star appearance by Chinese actress Fan Bingbing.

"Folks, that makes me angry-gry," said Colbert.

Watch the video, embedded below via Comedy Central: