Late night talk host Conan O'Brien aired a sketch Tuesday night that tweaked failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's recent commencement address given to graduates at Southern Virginia University, editing the former Massachusetts governor to show him telling the crowd: "I don't think God cares."

Of course, that's not what Romney really told the heavily Mormon university. What he really said was that the women in 2013's graduating class should really try to "have a quiver full of kids" as soon as possible, and not really focus on career or financial success.

Conan's version was a little shorter, and right to the point. "I gotta say, I watched the speech," he said. "I think think losing that election has really gotten to him."

The footage opens with Romney walking onto the stage to applause. "Every one of you here today, as a graduate, every single one of you, you will look back with regret," he begins. "And all this has led me to the conclusion that you may find somewhat surprising. I don't think God cares."

"It's a memorable speech," Conan said.

"Yeah, I like that he kept it short," sidekick Andy Richter said.

This video is from "Conan," aired Tuesday, May 7, 2013.