Look, I get it. If it's not too early to talk about the horse race in 2016 (and I'm not talking about the 2016 Kentucky Derby, though I might as well be), then what does MSNBC have to talk about? I mean, it's not like the government does anything other than get itself reelected -- I meant that as sarcastic when I started but then realized it's a little too on point -- but, more to the point, when one is both more grounded and more intellectually interested in political campaigns than policy debates and how they affect the Americans watching, then what one ends up doing is airing segments that justify one's own coverage rather than examining why one would prefer to dry-hump an election cycle that is 3 years off.

But, then again, is it ever really too soon for anything? If it's not too early to examine a 3-years-off election cycle in depth, there are plenty of things it's never too early to discuss.

1. The inevitability of death.

2. Where babies really come from and how they get made.

3. Whether you want to have children some day.

4. Your parents are getting divorced because your dad is shtupping his assistant.

5. The 2014 midterm elections.

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