Friday night on "Real Time with Bill Maher," host Bill Maher dedicated a portion of his weekly "New Rules" segment to admonishing the people who believe that the U.S. civilian justice system isn't adequate to adjudicate the cases of terrorism suspects.

"New Rule," he said, displaying a photo of Boston bombing suspect Dhokhar Tsarnaev. "Stop worrying that our justice system can't be trusted to try this low-life."

"C'mon, this is the U.S.A., we're pretty good at putting people in prison," he continued. "We have a higher incarceration rate than Iran or China, or for that matter every other country on Earth."

"We're also pretty good at executing people. Ninety percent of the countries in the world don't," he said, "but we do. So, yes, I'm afraid little Dzhokhar fucked with the wrong peace-loving Christian people."

Watch the video, embedded via Mediaite, below: