Maybe the devil made her do it. A fake Manhattan soothsayer pleaded guilty to using her powers to persuade a client to fork over more than $650,000.

Janet Miller, 39, claimed she was able to see that her victim needed protection from being cheated, the Manhattan district attorney's office said Friday.

At first, Miller told the victim she could hear her dead grandmother crying and should give her $900 "to purchase materials to make a shield to block the devil," the DA's office said in a statement.

In exchange, Miller gave the victim what she said were holy water, oils, salts and crystals.

For a year up until August 2012, the victim kept paying for supposed defenses against the devil, the DA's office said. The spiritual advisor also claimed she could cure the victim's father of cancer.

Finally, Miller asked her client to withdraw more than $600,000 from her "cursed" bank account and hand it over for "cleansing procedures" on a mountain.

Only "a small portion" of the supposedly cursed money ever came back.

"Larceny is larceny, no matter what form it takes," District Attorney Cyrus Vance said. "Fraud by a spiritual advisor is no different than fraud committed by an attorney, an accountant, or any other person who gains an individual's trust in order to steal from him or her."