Calling her a "typical feminist," conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly devoted a radio address to deriding Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and her book, Lean In, saying it illustrated what Schlafly called problems with feminism.

"Too many women come to their senses only after age 40 and then find it's too late to have a husband or children," Schlafly said. "Feminism is at war with Mother Nature, and Mother Nature is still winning."

Schlafly said the smarter thing to do for women was to ignore the advice of "feminists and women's studies courses" and decide on how to compromise between starting a family and pursuing a career, instead of putting professional goals first.

"She thinks women "sabotage" themselves by not pursuing career opportunities as aggressively as men do," Schlafly said of Sandberg. "However, Sandberg's feminist arguments and conclusions are at odds with what most women really want out of life."

Sandberg's observation in Lean In that not enough women were in high-level positions, Schlafly said, was a "typical feminist complaint."

Listen to Schlafly's criticism of Sandberg, in audio posted Monday by Right Wing Watch, below.

[Image via Wikipedia Commons]