A pipe bomb unexpectedly discovered by two women in Oregon was capable of 100-yard blast radius, police said.

The Associated Press reported the two women found the explosive device Saturday while helping clean up a trailer home park. The bomb was filled with explosive powder and 4-inch nails.

“Each one of these bombs is unique and we're hoping to be able to get some evidence from the way it was constructed,” Oregon State Patrol Detective Dennis Wagner told the East Oregonian. “It wasn't a really (an) advanced device but it was something somebody took some time to build, and it was fairly ingenious.”

The pipe bomb was found near the side of the road in an unpopulated area. Police suspect it was thrown out of a car window.

The incident comes as much of the nation is still on edge from April's Boston Marathon bombing, which killed three people and wounded nearly 200 others.

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[Photo by the Department of Defense Visual Information Center from Wikimedia Commons]