Saturday Night Live once again spoofed Fox News' morning talk show Fox & Friends over the weekend, mocking their coverage of the first openly gay active professional athlete.

"Well, the latest job numbers have prompted some people to say that things are looking up, but I still know a whole lot of folks out of work out there," co-host Steve Doocy remarked. "And what is the President doing about it? Congratulating basketball players for being gay?"

Fox News co-host Gretchen Carlson added that she of course supported Jason Collins for coming out, but repeated conservative doubts that the NBA player should be called a "hero."

"Exactly," Doocy said. "Since when does telling your embarrassing personal secrets make you a hero? Hey everybody, I prefer Asian ladies. I'm a hero!"

Carlson and Brian Kilmeade followed suit. Carlson said she used prescription deodorant on her entire body and Kilmeade confessed to practicing french kissing with his hand.

After discussion Collins, the three Fox & Friends hosts invited Mayor Michael Bloomberg onto the show to explain how a northeastern Jewish billionaire could convince American gun owners to support new gun laws.

But before Bloomberg had much of a chance to explain his views on gun control, Doocy unveiled a huge cup of soda and sarcastically asked if he was going to jail.

Watch video, courtesy of NBC, below: